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Landscape curbing

Step 1: Our crew prepares the ground for curb installation. We’ll mark off the space with spray paint or a string line and then remove the grass with a sod cutter. Our careful process ensures that your existing beds will not be disturbed.


Step 2: Color additives are mixed in with the concrete in a small mixed on-site. Our process avoids the use of any heavy equipment or concrete trucks on your property!

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Step 3: We feed the concrete into the extruder using a wheelbarrow. The extruder creates the continuous and consistent shape of your concrete curb.


Step 4: We hand-finish the curb with a trowel and special stamping tools, giving you a beautiful result.

Step 5: Control and expansion joints are cut 1/3 of the way through the curb, approximately every 2 feet. This is done when the concrete is still wet. The process helps avoid unsightly cracking that could otherwise occur while your concrete dries.


Step 6: We protect your new installation with a clear concrete sealer.



Landscape curbing Landscape curbing